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My best angle grinder picks for 2018

If you don't already own at least one angle grinder, preferably two or more, then you are truly missing out on a phenomenal hand tool that is capable of helping you with many projects. With so many different grinders available at the shop, it's pretty damn hard to pick the best one.

My good mate Donnie was telling me the other day that he reckons that nothin' tops the makita grinders. As I've never used a makita model myself I can't really be sure, but I've always found that my best angle grinder is made by Milwaukee. Even within each brand/manufacturer there are tons of different models and options. I guess which one you go for depends on your budget as well as the sort of work you plan to be doing.

I was reading an article the otherday over on ******this blog**** that compared all sorts of different grinders, and I reckon I might pick up the kawasaki one listed there just to try out something new. I've known kawasaki products awhile and they always seem to be pretty well built, I even owned a kawasaki dirt bike. Anyways, After I get myself one of these babies I'm gonna start looking into some other new power tools. There's so much I need to be honest, it'll be hard to finish any of my projects without getting new tools.

If you're on a tight budget you might be better off just buying a second hand tool, because they tend to last years anyway so won't lose much in the way of performance... however if you can buy new, I do recommend doing that.

One of the projects that I'm working on is refurbishing an old go kart frame which I'll do up until it's fully functional again. So obviously I'll need an angle grinder. But, I also think I'll need to grab some kind of welder, since I have limited experience welding though I might just get my mate to do the welding. He generally uses a gas welder as it's the tool of his trade.

The one I currently own has a max RPM range of something like 9000 + revolutions per minute. It's probably enough to get pretty much any job done to be honest. I need some more add-ons/attachments too, which will be an important upgrade for this tool.

When you're buying extra attachments for your angle grinder you have to make sure that they're robust and well built. With these kind of products you really get what you pay for... as in if you don't pay much you won't get much in terms of quality. So this weekend I'm going to head down to my local hardware store and check out a cutting attachment.

Thanks for reading, and after I finish my project I'll add an update to this blog post with details about other tools.