My top bench grinder picks this year

Regardless of whether you are a genuine tool master or you're only a normal person, a big bench grinder will be a great tool in your workshop. It can be used for so many different projects, such as sharpening knives, removing rust, flattening out edges that are uneven, etc.

This device is pretty much just two axles found either side of an engine in the middle of it. Despite the fact that it's an easy to use powertool it's uses truly are varied... In this article we will discuss our top picks for a bench grinder, and how you can make sure you get the right tool for the job!

Here are some of the most important things you should be thinking about when you're in the shop looking to buy any type of power-tool:

The type of wheel that the machine comes equipped with is of much importance. There are a ton of different grinder wheel types that are all suited to a specific purpose. Will you be working with wood, or with aluminium, or with steel? The answers to these questions may determine which type you want to get. If you choose aluminium you may want more sharper blades.

It's important that it's well built, so that you can rely on the tool to last for a long time. Any well known brand should have a really good reputation within the DIY community. If you buy cheap you will probably regret it sooner or later, and it may even end up costing you more money to get it repaired if it's no longer under warranty.

Speaking of warranty, you aught to ensure that the choice you go with has a warrant that lasts for at least a year. Even if it's a good brand. Ideally you wouldn't need a warranty but the reality is even high quality tools occasionally have some faults.

If you don't have a light in your work space you can get a bench grinder that comes with a built in work light. However, my personal recommendation is that make sure that your workshop is well lit in the first place. You can buy free standing lamps quite cheap from any hardware store, or you can build one yourself quite easily, all you will need is a light bulb and a cable to hook it up with.

Like I mentioned before, which model you choose to buy depends on what you will be working on. For light task a slow and low power machine is perfects ok... but for more heavy duty task you will need a machine that operates with high power and a good RPM level. Like the grinding disc, the speed you need will differ depending on the material you decide to work with